Types of Pisco




by Hans Hilburg

There are three types of Pisco: Pisco Pure,Pisco Acholado and Pisco Mosto Verde.

Pure Pisco is the one that is made from only one variety of grapes. Further, there are two sub categories of Pure Pisco: aromatic and non-aromatic.


Non-aromatic Pisco Pisco Pure (Pisco Puro): Non-aromatic Piscos are those that are made from a single non-aromatic grape variety such as the Quebranta, Mollar, Negra Criolla or the Uvina.

These grapes yield Piscos that don’t have and intense aroma. Nonetheless, in their flavor and enjoyment, they have a great deal to offer.

Aromatic Pisco Pure (Pisco Puro): is also made from a single grape variety such as the Albilla, Italia, Moscatel and Torontel. Each of these grape varieties possesses different intensities in their aromas. This is because each growing region marks a significant influence.

These Piscos have much more complex aromas, wherein one can clearly distinguish the scents of flowers, fruits and citrus. To the taste, these Piscos are very smooth and fruity.

Acholado Pisco:
the mixing of two or more different grape varieties brings about this type of Pisco. Among the grapes chosen there must be some of both aromatic and non-aromatic varieties. This is the most complex of all the Piscos and perhaps the most popular as well.

It can be made in two ways: One is by mixing several types of grapes prior to crushing or “pisa”. The other method is by crushing each of them separately and then mixing the musts afterwards. The second method yields the best results because the handling and selection of each of the musts is done with more care and control.

The settling process of the Acholado Piscos takes much longer than the mono-variety Piscos because more time is needed for a thorough fusion of the various grape varieties.

The aromas and flavors of the acholado Piscos, greatly depend on the mixes chosen by the producers, each one with their individual mixes and secrets.

Mosto Verde (green must) Pisco: The elaboration of this Pisco varies a great deal from the rest in that, aside from using different types of grapes, the fermentation process is interrupted in order to distill it while the must still has a certain sugar content.

The resulting Pisco is much smoother on the pallet, with very intense aromas and flavors.

Recently, they have started to follow this production method using Acholado Piscos resulting in something much more complex and interesting.


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